Why are my blue hostas green this year?

Question by august: Why are my blue hostas green this year?

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Answer by chico chick
Some times pH has a lot to do with the color of plants . Try to think back if you applied any different chemicals,etc. in the area. Is there H2o run off from your house or from a neighbors? Could it be that your neighbor has applied something to their soil? Another thought is, did you bring in new soil?
Also, has the lighting changed in the plants area?

These are just a few ideas to start brainstorming.
I hope it helps.

What do you think?

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  1. collegekid says:

    I think Chico Chick may be on the right path. You may need to acidify the soil some. Try using Aluminum sulfate as directed. It takes a few months to work but hopefully they’ll be nice and blue again next year.

  2. Kevin C says:

    Many “blue” plants in the garden are that color because of a powdery (waxy) coating on the leaf. This is completely natural and part of the plants natural process. If these plants are watered on the foliage repeatedly (mostly from sprinkler systems), that coating is literally “washed” off. That doesn’t harm the plant, but does change the color.

    I would consider whether or not you might have a water problem washing your color away.

    By the way… that’s also the reason you shouldn’t use horticultural oil on those “blue” plants. The oil dilutes or washes away the coating (you see this warning on the labels in regard to spruce trees).

    Next year your Hosta’s should be blue again. Help them out with a regular fertilizing program, and try to limit the amount of watering you do on the foliage.

    I hope that this helps
    Good luck-

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