what plants like lots of shade and water?

Question by Shirley A: what plants like lots of shade and water?
I want to put something along the side of my shed, which is mostly in the shade, and the rain runs down it into the border. What flowers or plants would like to live there?

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Answer by weather
ferns love it


cast iron plants can survive anything.
cast iron plants can only survive to 5 so if up north dont plant it outside unless as an annual

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  1. jeffd says:

    Not knowing where you live I am unable to pinpoint some suggestions.Here are a few that may work in your growing/planting zone. You can find out your zone on this page as well as check out some of the suggested plants.

    Perennials: Athyrium spp. – Lady Fern, Japanese Painted Fern (moist to wet soils); Camptosorus rhizophyllus – Walking Fern – (alkaline, wet soils); Ligularia spp. – Ragwort – (rich, wet soils); Lysimachia punctata – Loosestrife (moist to wet soils) Hosta’s like well drained soils but will withstand mosit areas.

  2. Rein says:


  3. kerrberr95 says:

    bleeding hearts

    hostas and bleeding hearts also flower and will also give you some color as well. just make sure they can be planted in your zone.

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