What kind of plants can I put on my patio?

Question by kswan_esq: What kind of plants can I put on my patio?
I need kinds of plants that don’t need a lot of direct sunlight because of the balcony above me and the fence. They would also need to be ok with a lot of water. The lady upstairs waters her plants a lot and the water drains down.

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Answer by Chuck P
Try some tropical plants, like ferns and palms.

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  1. Cindy B says:

    You have MANY choices. How hot/humid is it where you live? Winter weather? Do you want flowers, greenery, vegetables? How much space do you have? Go visit a nursery near you. They can show you plants that will fit your needs.

  2. whataboutme says:

    Go to your local garden center and ask them. I know you could probably grow Tomatoes.

  3. whateverbabe says:


  4. Auron1838 says:

    Impatiens, Fern, dwarf Hosta.

  5. don n says:

    Hanging baskets with ivy, wondering Jew, or fern.

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