What kind of flowers can I grow that are low maintenance and come back every year?

Question by yahoocraze: What kind of flowers can I grow that are low maintenance and come back every year?
I am wanting to plant my first flower garden in front of my house, I have never really planted anything! What kind of flowers can I buy that are easy to take care of, easy to plant and that I do not have to worry about planting every couple of months, preferrably ones that grow back? Thanks.

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Answer by mmahavik
Cranesbill geraniums,low growing,spreads at tolerable speeds,grow well in sun and shade,blooms freely all season,comes back every year,comes in plnk purple white.no trimming.perfect for beginner! Lilies are great too.

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  1. ANGEL says:

    For low-maintenance plants, use perennials in your garden, especially native plants, because they’ll be hardier, better at adapting to your area’s weather conditions, & will therefore will require less care. Try Ornamental grasses, Coneflowers (Echinacea), Salvia, Sedum, Coreopsis, Daylilies, hardy Geranium, Butterfly Bush (buddleia ), Liatris (Blazing Star), Peony, Black-Eyed Susan, Echinacea, Gaillardia, Asiatic Lily, Russian Sage, Lupines, Aster, Mountain Bluet, (Centaurea montana), Bluebells, spring bulbs, Campanula, Lamb’s Ears, Yucca, & Yarrow (Achillea millefolium).

    The Daylily now has colorful “everbloomers” … that bloom all summer until frost.
    Echinacea isn’t just a “Purple Coneflower” anymore because it now comes in various colors: rose-red, pink, lime, orange, yellow:

    “Knock Out” Roses will bloom all summer & are almost carefree. I only trim them to shape them or take out the branches that look untidy, criss-cross, broken, etc.

    Use ornamental grasses for contrasting textures & impact (even in the winter). Fountain Grass (Pennisetum alopecuroides) Viridescens Black Fountain only grows 20 “…The folliage dries in winter, but still looks good.
    Front yard landscape using ground covers & short ornamental grass like Blue Fescue:

    For a beautiful groundcover, Liriope, or “lilyturf” (Liriope spicata), reaches only about 1′ in height, & has a spiky flower, ranging in color from white to lavender. In autumn it bears a dark berry. I have a variegated variety which is stunning. These plants & the ornamental grasses have some varieties that are hardier than others, so look for those that will suit your zone.

    For your shadier areas choose ferns, Hosta, Lily-of -the-valley, or Foam Flower. Coral Bells (Heuchera) can grow in between areas from sun to partial shade:
    Foamflower with Heuchera:
    Variegated Periwinkle is a nice evergreen groundcover, forming a dense mat:

    Here’s a slideshow of front yard garden plans:

    Garden tour featuring Daylilies with mostly other perennials:

    Good luck & happy planting! Hope this is helpful.

  2. boxingfoxx says:

    First you need to know what climate zone you live in. Roses are always lovely, although will require trimming back annually, hey you might end up really enjoying it. I have added a site that explains zones and has a link of planting zones. Once you know what number you are, think of height and colour while searching for the right plants. Planting tallest in the back and shortest in the front. Let your creativity flow. There are so many choices out there, have fun with it!


  3. reynwater says:

    There are lots of perennial flowers that are easy to grow.
    Gerbera Daisy
    native wild flowers and a bazillion more.

    here are some images: http://images.search.yahoo.com/search/images?_adv_prop=image&fr=ush-ans&va=perennial+flower&sz=all

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