What happened to my Hostas?

Question by Shaunna: What happened to my Hostas?
I planted 3 hosta’s over 1 1/2 months ago. Nothing happened so I dug up where I had planted them and there was nothing there. What could’ve happened. I did everything I knew to do. Yes, I watered them.

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Answer by Alesha
I bet some animals got at ’em! I think rabbits and other rodents find hostas yummy.

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2 Responses to “What happened to my Hostas?”

  1. Steph in NYC says:

    What do you mean there was nothing there?

    Did you plant seeds or an actual plant? Most people I know just buy plants from a nursery, or divide existing plants. I don’t know much about growing them from seed. It could be difficult to grow from seed. I found this info on the link below:
    <"Propagation of hostas is easily achieved by dividing existing plants. Hostas do not come true when planted from seeds, with Hosta ventricosa being the one exception. Most home gardeners will propagate hostas by division.">

    I know that deer like some hostas, so if you did plant actual plants, then maybe they were eaten.

  2. Nicola says:

    Sounds like they were eaten by something. Next time when you plant one, put some plastic forks into the soil with the fork facing up. They won’t seriously hurt an animal but it may scare them off.

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