What are the best types of plants and flowers to showcase a newly built deck?

Question by CROSS-EYED PENGUIN: What are the best types of plants and flowers to showcase a newly built deck?
Its on the front of my house facing the road so I need something a little showy.

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Answer by beachgirl
It depends on how much sun this area gets. If it’s shady most
of the day, Impatience works great, and comes in great shades
of pinks, purples, and white. If it gets a lot of sun, you need
something a little tougher, like petunias. They come in colors
from deep purple to pink, to red, to white. They are bigger than
the Impatience, but either way you go, put a lot of them out there.

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  1. ehwatsup says:

    It depends on where you live and your planting zone. I don’t think you will want something that will grow too tall but not too short either. You will also need something to compliment the color of your home and the deck for that real curb appeal. Do you want to incorporate it with other plants around your home. Hosta’s come to mind because they look so dressy as a border and they come in many varieties with either lavendar or white blooms. They grow from spring to fall but go dormant in the winter so you might want to consider something else planted around the deck for a little winter showing like a few boxwoods or some kind of decorative bushes planted at the corners and the steps. Boxwoods are the ones you’ve seen that can be shaped into anything. Mostly they are shaped rounded or boxed in a square…hence the name boxwood. They look very formal and are nice to put Christmas lights on. For variety and color plant your choice of annuals behind the hosta’s in the spring for summer color.

  2. gardensallday says:

    You need to give more information to get a good answer-like what kind of climate you have (or even the state you are in, so it can be guessed at) is it a sunny/shady area, do you want plants that come up every year, or annuals, do you want shrubs or just flowers, etc. How big do you want the plants to be, etc.

    There are a lot of great landscaping books at the library.

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