What are the best plants/flowers to grow in shade?

Question by ~Jennie~: What are the best plants/flowers to grow in shade?
I have an area where I want to grow flowers/plants but in only gets morning sun,PLEASE Help!

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Answer by ELAINE C

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  1. snarf says:

    I have had great luck with Impatiens and Hostas over the years.

  2. Cupcake says:

    Hostas grow good in shade. Also, annuals like impatients grow in shade. The less green a plant is, the less sun it needs, i.e., any plant that is varigated, that is, has white and green mix on the leaves, do well in shade.

  3. kprofaith says:

    2. Lilly of the valley
    3. Ferns
    4. Bleeding hearts
    5. Helliboris

  4. ny21tb says:

    We love Calladium. they come in such a variety of colors. there is also, witchhazel, foamflower, false forget-me-not, bethlehem sage, false spirea and, japanese painted fern.

  5. frog_giggin_countrygirl says:

    Hostas grow great in shade…
    As well as Bleeding Heart..
    Also Impatiens..
    Perewinkle Vinca..

    Hope i helped..

  6. thecollectorshub says:

    Ferns are great when you have a large area. Plant them in the back and add smaller flowering plants in the front.

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