What are the best perrenials to plant outside?

Question by Rachel P: What are the best perrenials to plant outside?
I found some gerber daisies that I love but I read somewhere that daisies should be kept out of direct light and not in extremely warm environments. I live in Alabama and it gets super hot here. What are some perrenials that will last in the heat if I put them in a flower bed outside?

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Answer by infobrokernate
Midget daisies.

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  1. Brian D says:

    Try Russian sage, very hearty and drought resistant once they get started.

  2. jacthedog says:

    Cosmo. They have beautiful flowers

  3. blondness13j says:

    hosta plants mini rose bushes…snap dragons, columbine, lavender, petunias,, tulips, begonias

  4. Wendy M says:

    Lavender is another great plant that is drought resistant!

    Check at your local nurseries to see what they have and what they recommend.
    Happy Planting!

  5. dixiebell says:

    Day lilies, tiger lilies,
    peonies, spider flower,
    yucca, roses……Beautiful
    flowers. God Bless……Dixiebell

  6. Auron1838 says:

    Daylilies. They come in many colors and bicolors, some have ruffles and pretty eyes, low maintenance and will give you more plants each year.

  7. robert says:

    There are all kinds of sages



    African daisy


  8. Lou C says:

    Definitely Daylillies are the most hardy and heat and drought tolerant and will multiply.

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