What are some of your favorite things to grow?

Question by rhhx3: What are some of your favorite things to grow?
I enjoy growing okra and tomato’s and watermelon’s. I only have a little yard so I can not grow much.

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Answer by Sharon S
I enjoy growing different types of flowers just to brighten up my yard

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  1. sugaree says:

    tomatoes and peppers. pole beans also. i also have a small perennial garden, because i like flowers.

  2. skatinsweetie7 says:

    tomatoes and lots of colorful flowers!

  3. i_lander5 says:

    Tomatoes, cucumbers, watermelon, carrots and radishes.

    I really love growing the tomatoes and cucumbers, there’s nothing like fried green tomatoes.

    Oh BTW, you don’t need a lot of room for the cucumbers, grow them on a trellis, up off the ground.

  4. Shell says:

    sweet potatoes, for pie there easy to grow. butternut squash keeps all winter after its grown in the cellar.

  5. crazygirlwondering says:

    I enjoy growing all sorts of things, flowers gardens.
    I love tomatoe,and green beans, and roses, and hydranga bushes.

  6. Lyinzie says:

    I enjoy growing flowers more than veggies… I live in TN and the soil isn’t really soil it’s clay.

    The flowers I enjoy growing,
    Moon Flowers
    Trumpet vine
    4 o’clocks
    Elephant Ears
    Sweet William
    and Dianthus

  7. Kipper says:

    I live in the Northeast and I love growing tomato’s and peppers.

  8. ananimalloverinkentucky says:

    i grow all sorts of flowers plus a veggie garden..in the garden this year is peas, onions, carrots, potatoes, corn, cucumbers (for bread & butter pickles and sweet relish), green beans, tomatoes and red, yellow and green peppers.
    after i can these veggies this year it all depends on how much i can as to what i will grow next year..cucumbers and green beans should last us 2-3 yrs and maybe the carrots..i freeze the peppers

    i have all kinds of trees out–cedar, these were already here, white pines, white dogwood, silky dogwood aka red twig dogwood, yellow twig dogwood, spruce trees, maples, sycamore, mimosa, golden chain tree, walnut, elm, mulberry, washington hawthorne, tulip poplar, sourwood and catalpa trees and forsythia bushes, redbuds and probably 4 or 5 more different types

    now for the flowers..i am moving more towards perennials but here is a list of what i can think of: rosebushes, peonies, daffodils, liatris, grape hyacinth, yarrow, yucca, false bamboo, daylilies, iris, canna’s, cone flowers, hosta’s, pampas grass, vinca vine, flag iris, japanese blood grass, asiatic lilies, butterfly bushes, crocus, rose of sharon, hibiscus, crape myrtle, asters, summer cypress, mint, clematis, bone set(wild flower that i found), bee balm, and a couple dozen more i cant think of…lol

    annuals i am growing include: touch me nots, cosmos, bachelor buttons, zennias, sunflowers, morning glories, hyacinth bean vine, broom corn and a few others

    i love to grow things plus we have a 2 acre yard that deer cross through…rabbits live in our lagoon…will occasionally see wild turkeys on the back of our place. racoons, foxes, hawks….all sorts of wild life

    i plant different types flowers that start blooming in feb/mar and continue until it frosts in late october/early november…i love color plus have all kinds of song birds and hummingbirds…have 6 regular hummers but when they start to migrate will have over 100 for up to 2-3 weeks…sometimes it is not safe to go outside with all those “jetfighters” zipping around…lol…plus it drives our cats nuts watching all them fly around

    even recently saw a big rabbit that looked like a jack rabbit…was bigger than our normal rabbits with huge legs

  9. ujd272 says:

    I’m peculiar, I guess, when it comes to gardening.
    I get the greatest enjoyment from “volunteer” plants. Plants that just appear out of nowhere. I had two volunteer Violas this year. I’ve never planted Violas in my garden, so I have no idea where they came from. Over the past few years, wild violets have come up at my front door. They are white. I just love them! I have a wild rosebush and two honeysuckle vines that have come up on their own. Numerous butterfly bushes and a few too many burning bushes. I think it is the surprise factor that I like. As for my plantings: bluebells, hosta, cinnamon fern, hydrangea, lavendar, and touch me nots. I really enjoy tropicals but so does the groundhog who lives in my yard so I can’t grow them in the garden. I have to keep them in pots on the deck: tuberoses, cannas and mandevilla vine. I had a hibiscus but it died.

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