What are some good plant choices for an informal boundary?

Question by urbanbutterfly: What are some good plant choices for an informal boundary?
I am interested in dividing up my backyard a little bit. To make it more like garden rooms. What kinds of plants make nice informal borders or boundaries? Currently I use boxwoods, blueberry bushes and grapes…

Many Thanks for your input. I can grow a wide range of plants in my zone.

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Answer by Chuck M
Lavender Bushes

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  1. Alysen C says:

    Perennials: shasta daisies, black eye susans, emerald & gold, jasmine, honeysuckles, chrysathemums, pieris, roses, bacopa, columbine, minature fuschia, cala lily, freesia, clematis, heather, juniper, evergreen, hosta, passion flower…

    Annuals: marigolds, lavateria, 4 o’clocks, sunflowers, calendula, sweet peas, petunias, violas…

    Of course, which ones depends on what you like, the colours you want, annuals or perennials, the location with shade to sunny, soil conditions and what is growing nearby… have fun deciding.

  2. oldtrash06 says:

    That is a nice combo that you are already using. Maybe also try alternating a long blooming flowering shrub such as rose of sharon with evergreens such as holly (female for berries) for both summer and winter interest. This also provides areas for bees, butterflys and beneficial insects in summer as well as food and shelter for birds in winter. There are many variations on this combination…the possibilities are endless, depending on your preferences.

  3. Susan L says:

    I’ve always been fond of Gardenias. I have 2 that are dwarf gardenias.

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