What are some good flowering shade plants?

Question by William D: What are some good flowering shade plants?
I live in Cleveland, OH. Which is in zone 6. I am looking for something tall and something short that is either blue, red, or orange in color.

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Answer by Tiger Toy
Dear William,

My favorite shade plant is the hosta. They have a nice foliage, flower late in summer and there are varieties from six inch to three feet tall. Many daffodils do well in partial shade. They are also available in several heights.

Of course, the daffodil is a spring flowering plant, as is the crocus. That is a delightful flower, often poking its nose through the last of the snow.

Most flowering plants need some light to bloom. I hope that your shade is either partial or filtered. You might also want to look into some native American prairie plants. They do well in your area and are already naturalized.

Tiger Toy

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