Looking for suggestions for a flower garden in Minnesota?

Question by Jen G: Looking for suggestions for a flower garden in Minnesota?
I want to put a flower garden in the yard in front of my house, but I’m not sure what I would be able to use. Since that side of the house faces the west, it doesn’t get sunlight until the afternoon. I’ve looked around at a few different green houses to get some ideas, but all I find is plants that require full sun. I would like to get flowers or small shrubs or maybe even some climbing flowers. Any suggestions??? Thanks!

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Answer by molly
Look for part sun plants or shade plants. Perennials – Black eyed susans, echinacea, daylilies and poppies come to mind – they are all pretty easy to grow in various conditions as long as they get some sun. Hostas are also an option, and shrubs – look for weigelia and spirea – also very easy to grow. Azalea is an option, too. Climbing flowers – or vining flowers – morning glories, an annual, are easy, and my favorite is nasturtiums – they aren’t really a climbing flower, they are more of a cascading flower. Also an annual.

All of these plants do very well in various locations in my yard, and I live in upstate NY – zone 5. Ensure that you boost your soil before planting – add some compost (you can purchase bags) and I like to add a bag of top soil. Mix it all up good, and you should be in good shape.

Please accept my apologies if I spelled some of the plants wrong. Good luck!

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