How do you get f;flowers to grow in a place that won’t grow grass?

Question by Patty-kins: How do you get f;flowers to grow in a place that won’t grow grass?
I’ve tried growing grass in this small area, for about 4 years now and the grass seed won’t take, so I thought about some type of flower seeds like daisy or mums. Theres a fence and used to be a tree there to but it was cut down last year. Any Ideas!

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Answer by paulafromcanada200305
all u have to do is use fertilize, mix it with the dirt and plant away

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  1. lester m says:

    You say there used to be a tree, but it was cut down. If so is there still a lot of shade from other trees? If there is too much shade for grass then you must raise or thin the shade. Some grass will tolerate more shade than other types of grass. Some ground covers such as Asian jasmine, or ajuga will grow in more shade than grasses. If the shade is no longer a problem the grass should grow, or most flowers will also grow.

  2. Teenytime says:

    I have a lot of these types of areas in my yard also. I have cedar trees, and nothing much likes to grow under cedar. As a fix, I put some nice pots with shade loving plants in them. My favorites are Hosta’s, ivy, japanese maples, rhodo’s, and ferns (if you live in a warm area, it also cuts down on the watering if you use plastic pots).
    I keep the area raked, and have a gravel border that goes around.
    Hope this gives you another option, good luck!
    P.S. Be very wary of ground covers, they sound like a good idea at the time, then take over your yard!

  3. June B says:

    If the area gets a lot of shade from trees, they probably use most of the nutrients from the soil, so nothing else has much of a chance. I would put in a raised flower bed, done with wood, or stone. The height would depend on the root system of the plants you intend to grow, and what would look best in that spot. With a raised bed, you don’t have to bend over as far to care for your garden either. Hostas would work well in a shaded or semi-shaded area, and as they are perennials, they require very little maintenance. They will get larger every year too, although you can divide them and share with friends, so you want to make sure the area is big enough for them. Each year, you could plant some annuals as well, until the hostas fill the bed. Although hostas come in different shades of green, and some have veregated leaves, you might rather plant flowers, so your local nursery should be able to give you lots of ideas. Good luck.

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