do i need to cover all my plants from frost?

Question by jo: do i need to cover all my plants from frost?
i have a burning bush,(lilacs that just started to bloomfor first time)hostas,

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Answer by Confused
its a good idea, you can always conver it with a sheet.

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  1. Jan C says:

    the burning bush is like a tree and will be ok. the hostas can get frostbite but not likely. I would cover anything else.

  2. Rate me!~JOHN says:

    Yes, Esspecially roses they are very delicate or they will die.

  3. dalitiguous1 says:

    a frost is one thing, a hard freeze another. Most plants will survive the former, but the latter requires all of them to be attended to. Usually bushes are pretty hardy, but covering them never hurts.

  4. yankkee22 says:

    yes…especially if it’s going to frost.

  5. greengardengirl says:

    burning bush should be fine,hostas should be fine,they are both pretty hardy.Lilac blooms, however. may take a hit.if you have the tarps for it cover them .blankets,sheets and rubbish bags work too.

  6. Bill says:

    The only thing you might have to cover is tender crops like tomatoes. Burning bush, lilacs and hosta will be fine. Let them be.

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