are any of these plants ok for a betta bowl?

Question by Baylor: are any of these plants ok for a betta bowl?
forget me knots
cone flowers
jacobs latter
ladies mantel
balloon flowers

Im a first time betta breeder and i read online that they do better with plants floating. I’m curious of any of the plants from my yard would work before I go out and buy plants

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Answer by Cat
The plants from your yard will not work as they are not AQUATIC plants, and will die and rot away, as well as bring in germs and unwanted bacteria from your garden that would most likely harm your betta. I suggest you go to a pet store and pick one or two live aquatic plants, but I don’t think floating plants would work well. This is because bettas go up to the surface to breathe the air, unlike most other fish, so floating plants would limit that space and might be a risk.

I strongly suggest researching – a lot. Breeding bettas is hard and sometimes risky, and there will be a lot of offspring, and two males cannot be kept together, so you will need a heck lot of bowls.

Actually, a small tank might be better because bettas need a heater and filter. Unless your bowl is suited, then never mind me (:

Good luck!

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2 Responses to “are any of these plants ok for a betta bowl?”

  1. allec b says:

    a bowl? fool.

  2. Kittycat says:

    Firstly, fish bowls are death traps for fish. The build up of ammonia and lack of heat and oxygen will kill your fish. One betta needs a tank of at least 5 gallons that is cycled, filtered and heated. None of those plants are suitable. You need to buy AQUATIC plants from a pet store. You seriously need to do more research about caring for bettas before you even think about breeding them.

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