Free hostas!

If you own a hosta, or know someone who does, you’re on your way to a free hosta (or two, or three, or….)

My very first hosta was inherited when I bought my first house in Long Island, NY.  The yard was nicely landscaped – nothing fancy, but well-kept.  I first discovered this thing called ‘hosta’ when I started caring for the yard in the spring.

The first lesson I learned was that hostas are very forgiving plants.  They are like the Christmas fruitcake that lasts in your pantry for a few months before you find it in your heart to compost it (not that I recommend storing hostas in your pantry, but you get my meaning…)

Once I learned that what was growing in my yard was a hosta, and I saw how beautiful it grew in shaded spots…in sunny spots…I needed to have more!  As a full time student, and brand new homeowner, I didn’t have much room for visiting the nursery and buying expensive plants.

I did some research and found that to increase my modest group of hostas, I could dig them up and break them in half carefully cut them apart in the spring or fall, and plunk them back into the hole I dug them out of gently replant using whatever soil was beside the original hole rich planting soil and watering generously.

There is no secret to getting free hostas, and anyone can do it.  Don’t be afraid of them – they’re tough plants and will take much clumsy abuse.

Continue reading to learn about how to divide hostas and other garden plants!

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3 Responses to “Free hostas!”

  1. Robert says:

    I never owned a hosta but I have been looking and admiring the images of hostas on people’s gardens online and I am just in owe on how elegant and beautiful they look – so many varieties. I have been meaning to buy some but my budget doesn’t allow me to do so right now. Maybe next year I will be able to afford to purchased a few eyes of hosta varieties.

  2. Mary says:

    Robert, I would recommend joining a gardening forum online – lots of gardeners are very generous in sharing seeds and divisions by mail. One I know of that has a great group of people is

    Happy gardening!

  3. Joyce Timm says:

    Thanks to my master gardening sister, Janice, I have about 20 hosta plants, and we love them so much, this year in the spring we will split some and create more beautiful sites with hostas, they are so easy and we truly look at them in awe every year. Would love to have some free hosta plants that are different, thank you.

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