Will this keep the deer out of my hostas?

Question by local drifter: Will this keep the deer out of my hostas?
I want to cut some barberry stems (very thorny) and put them on top of the hosta leaves. Maybe the deer will get stickered and decide to leave them alone.

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Answer by carol
no dont think it will work go to lowers and get you someing .good luck

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  1. jacob says:

    buy a tree stand, high powered semi rifle, night vision scope, then its just the waiting game for the old deer

  2. DragonLady-aev says:

    You should be able to find deer repellant at places like Lowe’s or Home Depot, or some other place with a gardening center… I’ve heard of people using dog urine around their plants to protect them from animals, but I don’t recall if they were referring to deer or some other animals – of course, this assumes you have access to a dog and are willing to go to the trouble of getting it’s urine.

  3. You asked... I answered says:

    That will not work to keep deer away… they live in the wild and encounter stickers all the time.

    Go to a garden center and ask for a repellant. My mom has bought and used Coyote urine before. Works well. Coyotes would hunt and kill a deer, so deer are naturally scared of the scent. HOWEVER, we have had some brave ones that seemed to have gotten used to the smell eventually and came around anyways.

  4. Alex says:

    Unfortunately most attempts to repel deer dont reallt work. See this link for details. http://www.deercontrol.org.uk/Deer-Repellant.html

    The reality is that the only effective way to keeop deer away are deer fencing or a deer cull. This link has some good information concerning deer fencing. http://www.deercontrol.org.uk/Deer-Fencing.html

    If you are in England, get in touch with Southern Counties Deer management. They can provide free advice on deer fencing, deer repellants, tree guards and a deer cull.

    If a deer cull is necessary, this service is free of charge – what’s in it for them you ask? – the venison! Although they will give some of it to the landowner for nothing too as there’s usually plenty to go round. look them up!

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