why does the hosta leaves dry up and turn yellow?

Question by christine w: why does the hosta leaves dry up and turn yellow?
I know a lot about flowers,have worked in greenhouse for 20 yrs, but this one i cant figure out.I water well,I know they are heavy feeders,I spray them.They are in the shade.I live in South Georgia.I have this problem every summer.

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Answer by Benedict S
You have this problem every summer, it is natural. You must have sourced the internet for HOSTA planting, where the soil, flowers, plummage are a subject. You did not specify the species. Remember, plants needs oxygen and water to photosynthesize ( chlorophyll, is the green effect ) Some plants are normally yellow at summer ( countries with 4 seasons, Spring, Summer Autumn and Winter ) They sleep in winter, shed their leaves, and in Spring, they start growing and mature in Summer ( turn green ) later, yellow and ten brown and goes back to sleep. South Georgia is in the states, how are the Hostas in the winter months, why not complain then, you cant change the spots on a leopard, change the leopard, lah…….
Check your greenhouse temperature,

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