Why Are There Spots On My Hosta?

Question by n m: Why Are There Spots On My Hosta?
There are spots on my hosta, and i do not know why or what caused them.

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Answer by Kimberly C
I am a landscaper and designer. Hostas like other plants get spots on them due to insects, fungus or diseases. Your goal is to identify what it is, and treat it. One of the things you could do is to take a leaf off the Hosta, and bring it to a local garden center or nursery. They should be able to identify it and suggest a solution for you. I will link you to the simple solutions section of my website. There is a page on identifying pests and diseases. This may give you some additional information. I will also link you to the site map, as this page has everything that is on the website. There are many articles, tips and techniques that may give you some ideas or other information. Good luck to you and have a great day!



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