why are my hosta plants turning brown and dying?

Question by walter n: why are my hosta plants turning brown and dying?

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Answer by penny c
not enough water.
and /or too much sun

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  1. Pascha says:

    Hostas are shade loving plants. Are yours perhaps in too sunny a spot? Or is there a problem with water-logged roots?

  2. PRINTS says:

    We have grown Hostas in shade and sun. Depending upon the climate/area in which you live, Hostas should do well as long as you water thoroughly. In Michigan, it has been quite hot, but our Hostas are doing very well, and one is on the south-west corner of the building, the other gets western exposure. These particular Hostas are the variety with larger green/light green leaves (as opposed to the white and green).They are established plants. If your plants are small or in a lot of sun, then give them a lot of water. They do actually seem to like sun, as long as you are not in an overly hot climate or area that would dry out very soon after you water. When we planted various Hostas in the shade, they did not do as well. Give some fertilizer, if you like, but continue to water.

  3. debnettlenote says:

    its a little thing called water hostas turn yellow into much sun hostas are a shade and moisture loving plant-good luck!

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