White fuzzy insect on my hosta?

Question by faithcmbs9: White fuzzy insect on my hosta?
Hi all,

I’m having a hosta problem. Soon after I got my hosta, I noticed small black bugs which I thought to be ants in the plantbox and sometimes on the hosta plant I have. I ignored them for awhile, and then discovered one morning their was a spherical, fuzzy, white/orange ball (about the size of a large marble?) which had completely encircled two of the hosta leaf stems (the leaf stem were dying). We cut off both leaves with the fuzzy ball, thinking maybe it was some type of fungus. Ever since then, I’ve noticed that in addition to my little black “ants” (Which I’m thinking may not be ants?) there are these little white fuzzy insects which like to hang out at the base of the hosta in between the leaf stems and on the underside of the leaves. I’ve been scraping them off whenver I see them, but my hosta is still suffering somewhat. What are these things??

PS–I live in a 2nd floor apartment, so my hosta is not exposed to anything on ground level, unless it came with the hosta…

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  1. musiccrazy006 says:

    You might want to take it to a nursery and see if they have any suggestion.
    Good luck

  2. sweet-cookie says:

    it seems to me you have an infestation of white fly!

    The conditions in your Hosta must be ideal for the pests !

    , your white fly are reproducing ,faster than you can thin them out ,
    the balls you describe, i think are the egg nests

    White fly do not like being drenched !

    Depending on how big the hosta is , i would either immerse it in washing up liquid ,diluted in water .
    Or spray i the plant , really thoroughly, with the detergent mixture .
    you may have to repeat this, several times to get rid of these little pests ,

    If your hosta is “too far gone ” ie; dying then get rid of it altogether .
    make sure your flat is bug free, before you introduce a new hosta .
    hope this helps you ,
    >^,,^< I do not like to use pesticides, but if there is an parasitic bug ,you can get ,that will help to kill the white fly also;

  3. Sandra x says:

    I believe your bugs are mealybugs on your hosta. Go to http://www.naturescontrol.com …..go to mealybugs. Good Luck

  4. kathy n says:

    mealy bugs…take a mixture of 50/50 rubbing alcohol and water…soak a Q-tip with it and rub the critters..they almost instantly die. But it does sound as if your soil and everything is contaminated. Might be best to just let it die unless you really are set on saving it!

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