when is the best time to plant hosta / sun loving perennial bulbs in michigan?

Question by cash_hollywood: when is the best time to plant hosta / sun loving perennial bulbs in michigan?
i want to grow some hostas in my backyard. the area is risen and most of it gets sun all day long. ive heard there are hosta varieties that differ with sun exposure. i want something that will fill in the area (15′ x 5′) what perennial would be best for this area?

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Answer by sunshinegirl
My favorite plant is the hostabecause it’s so hardy and can cover up a lot of area very quickly. I have never planted hosta “bulbs” before. What I have done plenty of times with many different varieties is “split” them. Depending on the size of the hosta you start with, you can cut/divide the roots and leaves using a garden shovel (keeping at least 3+ leaves on each and plant them 1 to 1 1/2 half feet apart from each other. Do this once it starts getting warm and rainy with no more threat of snowfall. By the end of the summer, each plant should have doubled in size. In the past, when I lived in Minnesota, I had to split my hosta’s each year because they got so big and healthy! I would have to give some away because I ran out of room. There are many different varieties of hosta’s to choose from so I would just contact a local greenhouse or do some research online. They do best in the shade where it’s moist but can tolerate partial sun throughout the day. Have fun!

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  1. James M says:

    The hosta is not a bulb. It is a “root” you buy and plant right now even in the UP of michigan. You cannot kill those things. And, they are Shade plants, not sun loving plants.

    Hostas will grow in the sun also, but they are specifically a shade plant. An area 15×5 in full day long sun is perfect to grow flourobunda roses or you can even mix with plants like Lerope, Succulents, and Yuccas. These are care free plants and just buy a few, they spread and you will need to seperate them on annual basis, preferably in early spring like now. So a few = a lifetime supply and within a couple years you will fill that 15×5 to max capacity and have plenty to lanscape your whole yard.

  2. lucy g says:

    In zones 5-9: Plant hostas and all plants after all chance of snow and cold weather has past. Hostas are typically shade plants. If you do want to plant hostas in a sunny area try to buy a hosta that is light in color or with yellow in it–they tend to survive better in the sun. You can divide your hosts to multiply your plants. I would plant perennial geranium, floribunda roses, coreopsis, rose of sharon and daylilys for easy gardening.

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