When is the best time of year to transplant periennels?

Question by dazee052: When is the best time of year to transplant periennels?
I have hosta and day lilies to thin out. Is is safe to do it now? I live in New York state .Average temp now is about 70 in the daytime and about 55 at night.

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Answer by redunicorn
Spring and fall are good times. You could do it now.

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  1. thepansylady says:

    Both hostas and daylilies are very hardy and can actually be transplanted at any time. Most important to remember about translplanting anything is water loss. Water the plants well the day before so they can absorb alot of moisture. When I plant, I always place the plant into the new hole and fill the hole up with water. Let it drain and then fill it in. Beaware that if you do not do this and the soil is very dry, the soil will actually pull moisture out of the roots and dry out the plant. It is very hard to reach the roots if you just top water after transplanting. You can take a knife and slice the hosta crown into many pieces, as long as there is a piece of root, the plant will come back next year.

  2. Shilo H says:

    It depends on whether the perrennial is a spring or summer bloomer. Hostas and daylillies both bloom in summer so they should be transplanted in the fall(now is good).

  3. darian72003 says:

    in the fall like say in acouple of weeks……………..

  4. Lilybell says:

    fall or spring is the time of transplanting.

  5. Koko says:

    As far as daylilies (my favorite, over 50 hybrid variety’s in my gardens) the fall is good but it can not be too late. Labor day is the dead line here in NH as you need the time to have the plant get established before the winter arrives. Yes, I will be busy this weekend dividing plants. 🙂 Not as sure about hosta but I would also do mine in the fall.

  6. farmgirl says:

    The Pansy Lady gave you a great answer. Couldn’t have said it better myself. Day lillies and Hostas are very hardy and now is a great time, but with other Perennials I would be more comfortable doing it in the Spring.
    Master Gardener MSU Extension

  7. padrote chingon says:

    i think the fall is the best time to do planting, I live in zone 5 detroit, probably similar to your weather…the fall gives the plants some time to establish their roots, than take a nice long nap during winter, and come back strong in the spring

  8. wildgroovymunky says:

    I think spring is the best time, they’ll get a kick start then as the ground is warming.

  9. Leslie S says:

    In the Spring, here. To hold over the Winter plant inpots now. Bury pots in your garden soil up to their rims. Bury preferably where they will ger undisturbed snowfall. Thsi method will allow the plants to rest over thw winter. They will sprout in the Spring just as if they were already planted. Wait until plants are about 2 to 3 inches high before transplanting in the garden. I do this every year here in Alaska and have had very few failure. Excuse the typos.Be sure only the rim oa the pot is exposed to the weather. I do this by digging a trench, setting the pots in it and filling around them with soil.

  10. Chrissy says:

    The panseylady is right. Both hosta and day lilies can be transplanted now, but don’t wait too much longer. A good rule of thumb for transplanting is if it blooms in the spring transplant in the fall, and if it blooms in the fall, transplant in the spring. Good luck

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