When do groundhogs come out and what do they eat?

Question by Brad S: When do groundhogs come out and what do they eat?
There’s one big groundhog that has a little burrow in our backyard and I’ve been trying to shoot it but the first time it got away before I could get any shots off. I just want to know when groundhogs are out the most, what they eat, and about how long it will take for the animal to make another appearance after its been scared off.

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Answer by Joan H
Early in the morning, and just before dark. Good luck, I have seen my husband lay on top of an outbuilding trying to get one. They are really bad buggers. Eat anything in your garden. If you can find his burrow, you can buy some lye, sprinkle it, where he comes out, they will get it on their feet, it burns so they lick their feet. Kills them. Thing of it is, they usually have a rear exit so you will have to find that too.

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  1. deederbabe says:

    For a little humanity – set a trap – fill it with lettuce, celery, bread, veggies of many sorts….or a hosta! (lord knows he loved mine)
    slightly cover trap with loose brush and he’ll enter….I added some grass clippings to take away the feel of the cage.
    Let him go a few miles away.
    Thing is, he probably started a family so put the trap back again and you may have another one to let go.

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