what’s the best time of year to transplant “hostas”?

Question by tabaky69: what’s the best time of year to transplant “hostas”?
my mother-in-law has a bunch of them in her flower garden and she don’t take care of them and they are pretty much dirrectly in the sun all day, (everything is so over grown and ugly) If I remember right they are supposed to be in the shade most the time, but I want to take some and put them at our house where they can actually grow to the correct size and be more apprieciated. (she did say that was ok for me to take them) when’s a good time to do this without killing them out?

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Answer by darren e
as long as its not in flower go for it m8

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  1. gardenpro99 says:

    You can always go tohttp://www.1800topsoil.com to see if they have a local pro servicing your area. They’re national.

  2. BeeGee says:

    THe best time to separate and transplant hosta is in late summer after they have bloomed. lift the entire clump with a lifting fork and then divide the clump into root sections about the size of your fist. Replant immediately in good well-drained soil. Hosta do best in partial shade. They do need some sun, preferably morning sun. Transplanting in late summer gives the plants time to establish themselves before cold weather. Be sure to water them well for several days after you transplant them. Good luck. My hosta grow like weeds and must be thinned and transplanted almost every other year.

  3. Stanley the Westie says:

    I dug mine out to give to a friend beginning of fall/when I first see them starting to grow. I don’t like to dig them up when they are huge in summer because it’s difficult to dig them up that’s all. Mine still doing GOOD.

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