Whats a good border type ground cover to plant besides Hosta’s?

Question by happydawg: Whats a good border type ground cover to plant besides Hosta’s?
I want to plant a clematis, but its my understanding the roots like to be moist and in the shaded area with the top in the sunshine.
What can I plant besides Hosta’s around a clematis?
This is all on a fence row.

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Answer by dragoncreep
clematis prefers to climb a trellis

yarrow or phlox is good, some varieties of juniper creep, and there are some perennial ferns that are cool looking

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  1. Bill D says:

    Thyme….there are many different species, “peter david” is a nice one, plus many more….they usually have green leaves and then they flower, which can be yellow, green, etc……..they are low to the ground, like sun, and spread nicely. “Cat mint” is another nice ground cover, green leaves, purple or pink flowers and smells nice….. “Lambs ear” is another good choice for ground cover…it has fuzzy green leaves with purple flowers….and smells nice! There are tons more…but it depends on location, climate, soil, etc…Good Luck

  2. Carole Q says:

    If it is not an immediate urgency to it:
    Bring up websites like Gurney’s or Burpee’s and get on their catalog list. Buy a perennial book. I have used my perennial book for flowers, trees, shrubs, ground cover for many years.
    The book gives descriptions for sun/shade, flower or not, time & length of blooms, type of soil, height, preferred zone & hardiness. The catalogs help pick items at cheaper rates than local nursery. (From catelog, do not order ‘potted’ or may arrive broken; OK to order bulbs, seeds and bare root).

    What I pick may not be right for you nor your area. Do some research. I know you were looking for an easier answer than this.

  3. jt says:

    My neighbor grows amazingly-beautiful clematis. She does not plant anything below the clematis. She simply uses a thick layer (3-4 inches) of mulch such as pine bark chips. She says that planting anything above the roots of a clematis can cause problems as the plant will compete with the clematis for water and nutrients.

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