What would be the best plant or flower to grow in between hosta?

Question by : What would be the best plant or flower to grow in between hosta?
In our new house we have a flower bed in the front and beside the sidewalk. There are hosta there already but they are spaced out. I would like to fill in these spaces with something and was wondering what would be pretty and would fill in the space but is also fairly easy to grow because I do not have much spare time to spend on them.
They have alot of sunlight and shade. Its about half a day sun and half a day shade. And there is probably about three 2 to 3 feet in between them. Also I thought about just taking part of the hosta that is there already and planting it in the bare spots. If you have any tips on how to do that it would be great. Because I know that you can do it, but I have no idea where to start.

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Answer by Jane
I have alot of hosta and love them, but they are in very shady areas. I know that there are some hostas that can take full sun. It would be helpful to know what kind of shade your hostas now get.

I have tried to put some plants in between, but my hostas happen to get big very fast and crowd out the flower or even cover it. Wondering just how much space you have in between yours?

I can tell you what I have done; I have simply planted deep red geraniums in between mine to contrast the greens, and I’ve done it this way because geraniums can take full sun or shade as well. Geraniums grow well and I like them simply because they aren’t perennials if the hostas takeover. They also get very full to fill out large spaces between hostas.
Hope that helps.

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  1. C J says:

    Flag iris, lady’s mantle, bergenia, heuchera, tiarella cordifolia, epimedium…

    You might also want to get some slug nematodes – slugs LOVE hostas.

  2. Cowboy's Sweetheart says:

    Caladiums would be beautiful:
    They are easy, like shade, and come in so many colors. But they are annuals, you will have to plant neew ones every year.

    Or try hostas in a different coloration:

  3. meanolmaw says:

    too late to divide them now… wait until the leaves die down, then use a sharp shovel and shove it down the middle of the plant, to cut its root ball in half…. remove one half and leave the other half where it was…. fill in the hole with the dirt you remove from the hole where you will plant the half you just cut off…… water them all to settle the dirt around them…keep their area moist until winter sets in… they’ll be making new roots underground…… next spring they’ll all come up to fill in your spaces…..

    if your clumps are very large, you can cut them in thirds if you’re good at judging where the edges are of the clump….. wait a couple years then, to divide them again… you don’t want a bunch of skinny clumps….

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