What type of Hosta would look best in this planter?

Question by erin_marie360: What type of Hosta would look best in this planter?
Here is a picture of the planter. I am planning on using the bigger one. http://i71.photobucket.com/albums/i152/emfbc/Picture003.jpg
Or do you think the green one on the right would look better with one? I thought that might be too much green…

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Answer by coolcreek69
I think i would be to much green…. I would use a ( standard ) Hosta in this planter.. they grow wide and be very handsome in this planter… good luck..
The terra cotta planter….

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  1. moiragalliver says:

    Either a dark green variegated hosta like ‘Francee’
    or a glaucous grey-blue like ‘Big Daddy’
    I would not use the green pot as most hostas are green themselves and the pot would clash with the hosta IMO.

  2. Teshadie says:

    I like the planter you chose. How about a variegated hosta, a small ornamental grass (Pennisetum a. ‘Little Bunny’) and a trailing plant like a small leaf ivy or Lysimachia. Sometimes a combination of plants looks best. Keep it well watered in the hot summer weather and protected from freezing & thawing in the winter.

  3. kiendu says:

    Definately use the terra cotta planter. As to the hosta, I’m assuming since it’s in a planter it will be close to the house, or on a porch or deck. So, plant one that gets fragrant flowers. I like Guacamole, its a big plant, the leaves would cascade over the pot, and the flowers stay close to the leaves, not tall and spindley way above the plant as some others do. And they’re FRAGRANT with a nearly white flower, not purple. Guac’s are kind of of lime green with a darker green edge, a fast grower, they are sun tolerant, but turn lighter lime to yellow in the center with sun. Great complimentary contrast to your planter.

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