What to plant?

Question by teachkessler: What to plant?
I have a house that faces North and it gets complete shade in the flower bed except at the tip front and on the end. I have a black thumb and don’t want to spend too much time on maintenance. On the end I have a Red Twig Dogwood that has held up nicely, I have a hydragea (sp?), a few hosta, a few rhodedendruns, and so I am looking for a few taller plants to put behind them that are ok in the shade. Any suggestions?

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Answer by Auntie Marie SueB
how about those giant elephant eared plants? I think they are shade lovers. and they are really gorgeous!
Hostas are definately a classic and to me they look absolutely beautiful. I have some along the side of my house where all the shade hits. they come up yr. after yr. bugs never get to them either.
How many square feet do you have to work with over there?
Blue Hosta
Green and White Hosta
Pink Bleeding Heart
Ostrich Plume Ferns

I’m reading “spring Hill” nurseries, and will list some shade plants and add them on now ….

Mixed Monarda
Royal Standard Hosta
Pink Dwarf Bleeding Heart
Chantreyland Violas
Red Coral Bells

p.s. I think the Hydrangeas will look really awesome.

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  1. slats says:

    Elephant ears are great, but I think they like more sun than what u get.

    You named the classic shade loving plants, but also try impatients ( annuals ) for a splash of color. also try Coral Bells ( Hucherea ) ….they add alot of nice foliage color and come in colors from dark green to a light rust color.

    You also might wanna check into a Delphinium….their flower stalks reach about 2 feet and look nice planted in groups. they are kinda fussy and although perennial, usually only last a few seasons….I plant mine in kind of ” dappled ” sun.

    good luck

  2. gramof6 says:

    There is a salvia called May night and I planted it 5 years ago and it comes back every year,It is tall and very dark blue.Elephant ears are good too but touchy to grow sometimes.

  3. sprott88 says:

    Hi, the best way I know to get ideas is to try this. Go to yahoo or Google image search and key in flower beds, flower bed ideas, or whatever item you’re looking for. Voila, you are presented with tons of great pictures too look at. Most are linked to a website where you can find out more information. Also, have you ever considered solar lighting for your yard or fountains? Below is an article I found on solar lighting that you may find interesting. Good luck and have fun!

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