What plants should I plant in my garden bed?

Question by : What plants should I plant in my garden bed?
I want a simple looking bed, with easy to take care of plants. I have a separate section of my backyard for vegetables and herbs and stuff, so I want the garden bed to look simple. What types of plants should I plant there?

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Answer by K
It depends on where you live. I live in a desert so plants like sage, sedum, lavender, sunflowers, yarrow ect are very good and require little water.
If you live in a more humid climate, day lilies are very proliferous and look good, maybe some buck-eye daisies, astilbe, bergenia, hosta and butterfly flowers are a few good ones. Check out this web site for more ideas.

I would look for perinnials so that you never have to replant, and find stuff that blooms at different times of the year, so that the garden is always pretty.

good luck!

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  1. Intensified Moon says:

    Along with what was said before, it also depends on how much sun your bed gets. Some plants like Hosta or Bleeding Hearts like shade, while Black-eyed Susan or Balloon flower or even Bee Balm need full sun. If you want simple I agree, perennials; and if you really love color or want to add some, you can fill in with the annuals you love from year to year. Another thing to consider is how tall you want the plants to be? A simple bed would be small blue Balloon flowers in front, then behind them a yellow Heliopsis, and behind them Blue Flax and yellow Yarrow mixed. But its a good idea to look over pix of perennials first and decide what you like then plant masses of a few of them. that gives it impact and keeps it simple.

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