What is putting holes in my hostas?

Question by Jesalex: What is putting holes in my hostas?

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Answer by Halema
slugs (check at nighttime with a flashlight)
earwigs (check under the mulch around your plant)

I had both. They were totally destroyed before I figured it out.

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2 Responses to “What is putting holes in my hostas?”

  1. rmonarch says:

    Slugs are notorious for putting holes in hosta … check out this article on the HostaPatch.com website:


    The Ohio State University Extension Office has a Fact Sheet on Hosta that is very informative also:


    There are some hosta that are slug resistant … you might check into planting some of these once you have the pests under control:


    *~ Good luck ~*

  2. grannygrunt28391 says:

    Slugs they love hostas and rhubarb. I use the beer in a lid deterrent.

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