What is eating my plants?

Question by kwo1972: What is eating my plants?
We have some hostas in the front yard that were fine last week. This week, they have tiny little holes all over the leaves. The plants right next to them are fine (not sure what type). Any idea what kid of bugs are eating them?

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Answer by MisMischievous
Might be slugs. Nasty creatures. They leave a shiny trail that you can see.

Place a small shallow saucer of beer near the plant and leave over night. Slugs will be attracted and drown in it.

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  1. bubbles106 says:

    i reckon slugs im always at war with them,you can get some slug pellets from pretty much any supermarket or gardening shop that are environmentally friendly or so my tub says just sprinkle around your plants,good luck

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