What is eating my hostas?

Question by JON Z: What is eating my hostas?
Something is eating my hostas.
How can I get rid of it and save my plants?

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Answer by Judy
I’m having the same problem with mine and the leaves on my marigolds. Someone told me to try moth balls but it didn’t work.
Hopefully, some one will have an answer.

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  1. doglover says:

    You don’t say where you are located, but in areas where slugs are common, they are usually the culpriit. Sluggo is the best product to control them (it’s non toxic and safe for pets and wildlife).

    If it’s not slugs, you will have to take a close look and try to capture or at least be able to describe the pest. You can call your local County Extension office for help with identification and recommendations for control.

  2. nugget043 says:

    Slugs and Grasshoppers are getting mine, as well as everything else.

  3. bixbygretta says:

    Sevin dust for the grasshoppers and place a pie tin at soil level (will have to dig a bi of earth out to do it, and place beer in the pie tin. Slugs love it and drown themselves in it.
    Environmentally safe to use!

  4. tom says:

    deer love hosta. try DEER OFF spray.

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