what grows best with hosta palnts?

Question by Genesis A: what grows best with hosta palnts?

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Answer by juan hombre
hosta la vista baby plants

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  1. Gia E says:

    hmm…anything shade loving I suppose. If it were me Id grow some ornamental ginger! LOL, well that is what I plan on doing soon anyway. It depends on what zone you are in also.

    Just look up other shade loving plants. Im sure you’ll find something you like.

  2. redneckgardendiva says:

    ferns, heuchera, heucherella, astillbe, lungwort, creeping jenny, bleeding hearts etc. You can also mix in some annuals like impatiens and coleus for extra color.

    There are tons of different types of hostas in a WIDE range of colors. You could probably have a very colorful garden with hostas alone.

  3. gpwarren98 says:

    Coleus gives good color variance with the leaves. Any ground cover. Ferns as well. Hostas like full to partial shade, so anything shade loving will do.

  4. sheenarosesroses says:

    begonias do well in shady conditions, and come in many colors,
    browallia is very pretty with smaller leaves and flowers,wishbone flowers,impatients,those are all annnuals, for perennials you could try anemone, bleeding heart, primroses, lily of the valley, coral bell, shooting star, etc.. good luck!!

  5. sheeny says:

    I have planted ferns with mine. Then also impatients (annuals) for a splash of color. It’s beautiful.

  6. Megan S says:

    Redneckgardendiva mentioned most of the best perennials. Toad lilies, Trillium, Solomon’s Seal are a few more esoteric ones that are worth looking for. For shrubs, hostas go wonderfully with hydrangeas, Pieris japonica, rhododendron, azalea, mountain laurel, camellias.

    I have a bold blue-grey Krossa Regal hosta that is set off nicely by the dark glossy green camellia behind it, and the lacy pale green Lady Fern (Athyrium felix-femina) next to it. It’s nice to have some backbone shrubs and evergreens along with the hostas, or the garden will look bare during the winter.

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