What flower seeds are good for my backyard?

Question by TopGun: What flower seeds are good for my backyard?
I am new to this, and I got some seeds, but it failed to grow up , there are trees in my backyard, and only couple of hours sunshine in one spot.

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Answer by Nanna Green
try bulbs instead if its a shady area you will need something like snowdrops ,daffs,violets these all make a nice show and don’t need a lot of sun light

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4 Responses to “What flower seeds are good for my backyard?”

  1. colbuck8toes says:

    Hosta, lilies,violets, irises
    But like Nanna says these are bulbs or tubers not seeds

  2. John R says:

    look up BLUESTONE PRENIALS on line and seewhat plants they have that are shade plantss. they do sell plants not seeds

  3. Tootsie says:

    I love morning glory flowers.

  4. c says:

    first take a good look at the area you are putting the seeds.. is the soil in good shape, is it getting enough water.. then go to your local nursery.. they know exactly what grows in your area.. tell them what you want (flowers.. perennials (plants that are year round)) and where its going to be planted.. they will give you lots of suggestions..then after getting some of those seeds. try few others, you will soon learn works best, and which you love the most.. good luck

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