What do you do with the Hosta stems once the flowers are dead?

Question by MomOf4: What do you do with the Hosta stems once the flowers are dead?
Do you cut them, wait until the stems die and cut them, or leave them alone? What is best for the plant?

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Answer by ANGEL(\o/)
Cut them off if you don’t like how it looks. Otherwise you can just leave the stem on.
“You can definitely cut off the stems (scapes). It will not damage your plants at all. If you are not doing anything with the seeds, you can cut them back as soon as the flowers finish blooming. If you are not concerned about the flowers at all, you can even cut the scapes before the flowers bloom. This will allow the plant to grow more quickly. This is a good idea if the plant has not matured yet. Once it has matured, you can then enjoy the flowers.

Hosta can be planted at any time during the growing season, although most people try to plant hosta in the spring. The later in the season you plant a hosta, the more important it is to keep the plant adequately watered.

Hosta may also be divided or moved at anytime. However, given the increased shock to the plant caused by dividing or digging it up to be moved, spring is much preferred. In fact, it is recommended that dividing occur before the plant begins any substantial spring growth. Once the eyes are evident, the plant should be dug and divided by using a sharp knife. It is also recommended that the knife be dipped in a fungicide (e.g. 10% Clorox-water solution is a good substitute) before making the cut, and that the cut surface be dusted (or washed if using bleach) after the cut is made.

Good luck! Hope this helps.

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5 Responses to “What do you do with the Hosta stems once the flowers are dead?”

  1. gorge momma says:

    Any of the above. If you leave them alone, they will seed and make babies….but they’re not invasive. I let mine make babies, transfer the babies to my hosta nursery, and in a couple of years, they’re big enough to transplant, give away, or sell. Some of the hybrids will not seed.

  2. Mc Duff says:

    clean the dead stuff out and leave them alone — they’ll be
    back next year.

  3. lighthousecastle says:

    Wait until they die completely and then cut the stems off.

  4. RScott says:

    I like to leave a few and let them form seed pods. Hosta’s rarely produce true to seed so you can get some interesting looking new plants. RScott

  5. wanda says:

    i snip the dead stuff off to make it look neater. it takes a bit of time for me to do cuz i have almost 400 hostas in my yard. but it looks good. good luck=)…

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