what do i do with my plants?

Question by love the puppies: what do i do with my plants?
i have hosta, daylillies, do i cut them down for the winter? live in indiana, is it time to do that? also what about mini rose bushes?
thank you

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Answer by krissyderic
I cut my Hostas and Daylilies almost down to the soil….I good haircut as “they” say with my garden shears.

As far as the Mini Rose Bushes–cut the stems to about 3-4 inches from the ground.

All will pop up next Spring/Summer and will grow beautifully.

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  1. JAN says:

    Let them die back naturally. If you cut them down now, you will be robbing the roots of needed nutrients. In the spring you can clear away all the dead tops just before they sprout again. This also gives a little extra insulation protection to the roots over winter. This is for hosta and daylillies. The mini roses should be covered and lightly insulated being careful not to over insulate causing rot.

  2. Lola says:

    If you have the orange daylilies that grow like weeds, you might mow them down. They are so hardy that I haven’t seen any change in flowering. Plus it gets rid of another pest hideout.

    Hosta, let die naturally.

    mini-roses, I suggest surrounding with pine straw, or another non-matting mulch to help it survive the winter.

    And in the northern part of the state, do it now or after the first killing frost, in a week or two.

  3. dances_with_unicorns1955 says:

    They should all be fine for the winter. After you get a freeze, you can cut the lillies and hostas back. If you need to prune the roses, you can do that now if they’re finished blooming; they should be fine outdoors assuming they are in the ground and not in pots. If they are in pots, bring them to an area where it gets cold but does not freeze.

  4. memouse says:

    cut back your hostas and daylillies for the season they will come back in spring

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