what do I do with my frostbite hosta plants?

Question by lorettanulk2003: what do I do with my frostbite hosta plants?
My hosta were just starting to leaf out, then got frost bite

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Answer by devobrien2_81
Trim back the leaves with the damage, it may take a while, but new ones will grow

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  1. OhGreatWiseOneinHipWaders says:

    Cut off the frostbitten part, to relieve the plant of the burden of the dead/dying material.

    If you might have futher frost, be sure to wrap them.

  2. Tracy N says:

    cut them back to the ground, and they will start to regenerate new leaves in 1-2 weeks

  3. joyce_41144 says:

    Hosta are pretty hardy plants so getting bit by frost won’t hurt them in the least. Just trim the leaves off that got bit and they will pop out again. No problem.

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