what could I plant in this that would come up every year?

Question by love the puppies: what could I plant in this that would come up every year?
I have a cement planter box on the side of my yard. I was wondering what I could plant in it now that would come up every year and last through the spring and summer? something with colors, preferably, and not hostas, im over run with them. also how do you thin out and transplant hostas????

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  1. One Love says:

    I think anything with bulbs instead of roots.

  2. David says:

    Perennials don’t need to be planted every year, but they don’t bloom very long.

    Annuals need to be planted each year, but they stay in bloom for a much longer portion of their season.

    It’s a trade-off.

    Talk to the experts at your garden center – they’ll help you choose.

  3. Maalru3 says:

    Thinning hostas, cut down into it with a shovel, like you are cutting a pie. then transplant the hosta pie piece. YOu can put in bulbs for spring. Like tulips, daffodils, iris. Summer , really it isn’t the season to plant summer things right now. It’s to late in the season. YOu can plant spring bulbs and you can also put in some asters and mums now, they will come back in the fall.

  4. Kmich7 says:

    Hydrangeas are nice and they come back every year. You can get different colors, pink, blue, green…
    There are so many different perennials!!

    Hydrangeas are usually pretty expensive but I ordered some from Spring Hill nursery online and I got one free. They usually run some really good deals. The plants do come very small though so you must be patient in waiting for it to fully bloom. I planted mine last spring and it was late August when it finally bloomed fully. This year it came back huge!!!

  5. Ely G says:

    Since you said you have a lot of hostas, I assume you have a shady area. Just about any perennial that can take shade would do–something like Shrimp plant, Plumbago, Pentas, to name a few. Be careful with cement planters. They’re not porous, and if it doesn’t have a drainage hole, drill up to three before you plant or you’re asking for trouble.

  6. Sarah B says:

    I don’t know your location but if you are somewhere that winters where the ground freezes, even perennials won’t come back in an above ground planter. The root balls will freeze and the plants will die, not to mention that the planter will most likely crack from the expansion of the soil if it freezes.
    If you are in a warmer climate you have a better chance. Most perennials only bloom at a certain point in the spring or summer so it would be hard to have color and blooms the whole time. This is why people like annuals because a lot of them bloom all season long. What you could do is plant several different plants that bloom at different times to ensure color all season. Perhaps some phlox (blooms early to late spring) day lilies for mid summer and sedum for late summer and early fall color.

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