what could be making holes next to my hosta plants?

Question by J: what could be making holes next to my hosta plants?
there are no tunnels, so can we rule out voles? what ever it is how can we get rid of it?

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Answer by Rob
It could be squirrels. They will not hurt your hostas.

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  1. Keith B says:

    I have had problems with cats digging in my Hosta. A lawn care specialist told me that it was a plant that draw both cats and squirrels and I should take human hair, after I get mine cut and put around the base and it will keep them away because of the scent

  2. M S says:

    Plant daffodils near the hostas. Voles or moles or something ate all my hosta before I knew what it was. The also ate all my liriope, when I removed the daffodil bulbs nearby. I replanted daffodils, and have not had a problem since. Good Luck!

  3. lilian c says:

    slugs snails ants?

  4. Bootsie Mac says:

    It depends on the size of the hole, how many there are, and where you’re located in the country.

    Large holes indicate the presence of a chipmunk, mouse or vole. If you have many of these…sounds serious!

    Smaller holes, with no indication of tunneling could be the presence of ground bees, that emerge and buzz around ground plants. They are a migratory group, and may just move on in one or two years. They are not harmful, nor scary…they don’t seem to want to sting!

    If you have holes IN your hostas, you have slugs. There are several ways to get rid of them…the most “popular” is dig a shallow hole, drop in an old butter or other container and add about 1-2 inches of beer (you get to drink the rest). The beer attracts the slugs, they enter and drown (I’m guessing, happy). The nasty part is cleaning out the container. Do that often enough and with enough containers, you can tamp-down your slug problem.

    Good luck!

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