What can I plant in pots on my balcony?

Question by happy: What can I plant in pots on my balcony?
I bought some plants last year and some survived but others died (despite the assurances of the shop they wouldn’t).

What can I plant that is either evergreen or comes back every year, that doesn’t mind loving in a pot with sun in the afternoon (west facing) and which won’t succumb to frost in winter. The balcony is quite sheltered.

Those that have done well are box, passion flower, lillies, hosta, alium (although not flowering) and those that have died are mimosa and clematis. Any suggestions would be most welcome.

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Answer by hoochymommy2000
Well, the flower that I have had THE BEST luck with is Petunia’s. I live in NC where its really hot in summer and really cold in winter, when they all die off, I just cut them back to about 1 inch from the soil, and leave them be all winter on the inside porch. Next year- they always some back. Another one is Four O Clocks, their really easy to take care of too, and blloom pretty flowers. I go to this site called GardenWeb, where you can exchange seeds and plants with other gardeners, most of the time, for a self addressed stamped envelope, and if you’d like I could send you some of my many colored Petunia seeds, they might even come up this year. Let me know and good luck!!!
Email me if you would like some hoochymommy2000@yahoo.com

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  1. thegubmint says:

    The clematis probably died because they like to have their roots cool, they don’t do well in containers. Mimosas are aggressively rooting trees and aren’t very good for containers either. Some Japanese Maples do well in containers if you’re looking for a small tree and will take your conditions. You also might try some herbs. I have rosemary, lavender, winter savory, and bay laurel in containers that are all good in afternoon sun and tolerate the cold down to about 20 degrees in the winter.

    If you’re insistent on an evergreen, Alberta Spruce is a good choice for a container.

  2. Kate M says:

    impatients do well on balconys and pots as long as there are in shade and they bloom all season long and they have some really beautifull colors now .

  3. spookyjimjams says:

    Try English ivy (hedera) as an evergreen. Mine is going crazy in containers! I also have a great rubbertree plant, some fuschia (sp?), spider plants, and pothos.

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