What can I do to keep bugs from eating my Hosta?

Question by Haley: What can I do to keep bugs from eating my Hosta?
Is there anything that I can put on my hosta to keep bugs/pests from eating them?

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Answer by Payjani
yes there’s white fly spray and insecticidal soaps you can get at any mart store or hardware.
there are a bunch of links below and some home recipes to make
there munching on mine to! don’t feel bad.

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  1. michael g says:

    Usually slugs have a fancy for hostas but you need to see exactly what insect it is.
    Sevin dust around the perimeter ,is a generic answer to your question.
    W/o knowing the pest, kinda hard to deter them.
    Slugs are controlled by a few tuna cans filled with beer. They fall in and cant get out 🙂

    Pay jani confuse mikey – she needs to learn how to cut and paste answers and internet links. She make Mikeys head spin 🙂

  2. Sandy Mac says:

    Hostas are usually ravaged by slugs and snails – this year I found a solution! I mainly keep Hostas in pots and add a complete circle of ‘Deep Heat’ around the pot about one-third up (very smelly muscle embrocation that feels like it’s burning on sensitive areas!) – voila! No more slug and snail problem. I am not sure whether it was the smell or the ‘burning’ but it has done the job. If they aren’t in pots then I have never had any luck with organic control – it’s pellets and insecticide spray for me I am afraid. One of my customer does swear by whole, mashed garlic cloves steeped into a ‘tea’ and sprayed regularly – this seems to do something until it rains – then the monsters come back though! Good luck 🙂

  3. flattrack75081 says:

    I use Slugo bait and it works.

    I also use a mulch called Cedar-cide that is made from ground up junipers and cedars. Smells good and the oil in wood repels a lot of other bugs.

    I tried the tuna can with beer, but decided I wanted to finish the beer instead. Actually, I find myself facing this dilemma at least 2 or three times every evening!!!

  4. bugsie says:

    You might have slugs and snails, they really love Hosta!
    Put diatomatous earth around the base of the plants.
    Or shallow pans of Beer, preferably BILLY BEER so as not to waste the good stuff. The slugs will drown in the beer.
    The insects will be cut to ribbons by the Diatomatous Earth.
    Both solutions beat the use of pesticides and work well on the major pests for Hosta, snails and slugs.

  5. meanolmaw says:

    spray your stale coffee or make some just for this… spray it on the plants… makes the slugs avoid them…..

    I love SLUGGO…. but I get the non=name brand kind at Lowes… it contains IRON PHOSPHATE… safe for kids and pets and wildlife.. turns to fertilizer if not eaten… slugs DIE!!!

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