What are your favorite shade growing perennials?

Question by Curt K: What are your favorite shade growing perennials?
I like hosta and bleeding hearts, but am curious what others like. I am putting in a new garden and am looking for something “new”. I live in Zone 5 (Indiana)

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Answer by melissaw77
I love astilbes they are beautiful, and creeping phlox. primrose
here is a web site that will give you a huge list

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7 Responses to “What are your favorite shade growing perennials?”

  1. mineola5 says:

    Well I LOVE Coleus, it’s not supposed to be a perennial, it is considered an annual, but I have had some come up from the year before when I lived in NY, I live in KY now and nothing came back up from last year but I like to plant them every year because they do not require sun, in fact too much sun makes their leaves fade & they grow so BIG & BEAUTIFUL & are easy to take care of, they are brightly colored leaves in shades of red, yellow, purple, white, black, etc, you never knwo what colors you are going to get and they also look beautiful as hanging plants, if you plant them in pots you can bring them indoors whenit gets cold & they will last for many years.

  2. j_pedid says:

    I agree with the hostas. They are soo easy and they always look nice.

  3. thegubmint says:

    Toad lilies, trillium, jack in the pulpit, and solomon’s seal. Everyone has hosta, they’re nice but they’re a little boring.

    You might have to hunt a bit to find the above stuff, but they are worth it.

  4. Ladyslipper says:

    Why not try some lovely Lillies of the Valley?
    Mine blend in nicely with my hostas.
    Each year they return more abundantly and make me smile.
    I live in zone 4 and they are hardy in USDA Zones 2 – 7.

  5. r&s mom says:

    I have irish moss, wooly thyme, scotch moss,

  6. Cosmos says:

    I love hosta, too. I also have hydrangeas(4 different kind), lily of the valley, wild ginger and ferns. They all do good in shade.

  7. sherry n says:

    http://www.freetreesandplants.com They have some wonderful plants for very little money. They have lots to choose from too!

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