What are some good plants or flowers to grow in the shade?

Question by Laura: What are some good plants or flowers to grow in the shade?
I have a big spot in the backyard that is directly under a huge old bur oak tree. Besides planting grass seed and hosta is there some kind of pretty plant that will do good there?

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impatiens like shade. They come in many different colors, and they spread during the season.


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  1. Exoilfeildtrash says:

    If its not to cold in your area anything tropical.

  2. Emily Dew says:

    I like perennials, so in my shady spots, I have bleeding hearts, astilbe and ferns.

  3. Mother Inferior 9 says:

    Go to your local gardening store. They will have a variety of plants that thrive in the shade, although most do like sunlight. Many seeds/bulbs state right on the package if the plant prefers “partial sunlight/shade”.

  4. scratch_n_sniff says:

    Herbs or you can try to plant some sort of ground cover of Ivy. as the Ivy grows past the boundry onto the lawn you can trim the sides

  5. Susan M says:

    Lamium is a good ground cover in shade. It has variegated leaves and flowers all summer. Actually mine is flwering a little now from last fall!


    Don’t be fooled by the pictures, the flowers are small.

    Sweet woodruff is good too, but can be an aggressive spreader.

  6. skittles says:

    Lily of the Valley grows very well in shade. They’re beautiful and smell great too! They are poisonous though, so if you have very small, curious children or any animals, it may not be right for you.

  7. garden_nut90 says:

    l Would Recommend Phlox.

  8. Cosmos says:

    Ferns, wild ginger, Lilly of the valley, Muscari, Lady’s mantle, Bleeding Heart, etc. I would place a large and tall planter and plant bright color Begonias. Have fun!

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