What are some good flowers or greenery that tolerate shade well?

Question by Lisa Bee: What are some good flowers or greenery that tolerate shade well?
The sun sets directly in front of my house, so the front flowers beds don’t even see the sun until almost three o’clock in the afternoon. When i moved here there wasn’t really anything except one hosta plant. So I was wondering what would work well for me. Don’t know an awful lot about flower gardening. I’m in Georgia, btw.

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Answer by Henry H
I use knock out roses and Hostas and Hydrangeas Good Luck

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  1. D says:

    Philodendron, ferns, caladiums (good colors). I also like majesty palms for a great tropical look. I can plant them outside, but you need to check your ag zone. We don’t get snow.
    This can get you started. Here’s a cheat: Go to a nearby garden center & see what’s in the covered area – then experiment. Hope it helps. DS

  2. Allison1888 says:

    Also try Brunnera (spring flowering with blue flowers), hellabores, huchera, cranesbill geranium (although they like some sun). Here’s more on groundcovers, which can work nicely (pachysandra is one):


  3. Robin W says:

    Hostas are a great choice, I love the texture, but deer come into my yard and snack on them all the time and drive me nuts. Impatiens are a great annual that loves shade, and will give you a spectacular show of color. they will have to be planted every year though- So go ahead and do it for this summer, and start researching perennials that grow well in your area and like shade. Do you have a Botanical Garden in your area? Walking through and checking things out is a great way to introduce yourself to different kinds of plants and find out what you like- they are usually a great source of help and educational information too! Good Luck!

  4. Kidiu says:

    This site, you can help students with fundraising by buying cheap seeds to very beautiful flowers. But they also have fruits and veggies!


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