What are some colorful plants that do well in low sunlight?

Question by : What are some colorful plants that do well in low sunlight?
I’m moving into an apartment that has a west-facing screened in balcony. I want to have a few colorful potted plants. Searching online I found recommendations for begonias, coleus, foxgloves, hosta, hydrangeas, impatiens, plumbagos, and violets. Do any of those do poorly in planters? Are there any other you can think of?
@kmv; I live in Florida, and salvia is illegal.

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Answer by kmv
There are some good suggestions here. Begonias, coleus, hosta (the smaller variety), impatiens all would do well in a planter. Foxgloves and hydrangeas probably not. Foxgloves can propagate themselves and bloom every other year. I’ve never seen on in a pot. Hydrangeas are more shrub-like and can get pretty big. I’m never heard of plumbago.

I love hostas and impatiens together. I’ve also had some success with a variety of salvia called Victoria in my shady areas. It’s a blue spikey flower. It’s a nice accent. There are other salvias that are best for sunny areas.

If you have some room for a hanging pot, think about a fuschia. They come in a lot of different varieties. They do make kind of a mess when they drop their spent blooms and do especially well if you spend some time deadheading them, but they’re gorgeous!

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  1. M.O.N.D.O. says:

    why not go for aglaonemas? they’re meant to be kept indoors in low lights. 🙂
    and they have many ranges of colours, just choose

  2. garden geek says:

    Geraniums are pretty colorful and bloom profusely. They are great in containers and require minimal care.

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