What are good shade loving flowers/bushes?

Question by : What are good shade loving flowers/bushes?
My backyard is extremely shaded and I need some flowers or bushes that grow great in the shade but are easy to take care of. I’ve heard of a Hosta flower and I looked into it but there very pricey. Any suggestions?
I live in Portland, Oregon. i dont know what zone that is though. sorry!

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Answer by Tyler
Hostas, if you go to a garden center or nursery, usually aren’t very expensive. They’re normally under , many WAY under . At Wal Mart, they sometimes have little hostas for . But if you buy a hosta, it will continue to grow, expand, and re-grow year after year (they’re perennials), so it may be a somewhat large initial investment, but it will be worth it. My parents have had their house for 17 years, the hostas have been here since the before they bought the house, and they’re still going strong. Plus hostas have beautiful foliage. You can choose from dark green, blue-green, green and white, light green, and the list goes on. They produce little bell shaped pink, purple, or white flowers every year as well. So hostas are a very good choice.

Another option would be evergreen bushes like spruce bushes. They won’t flower, but they’re very tolerant and cold-hardy.

As for annual foliage, you could try Caladiums.

Other flowering perennials would be daffodils and lilies.

Lilies of the Valley have broad, curled leaves and small, bell-shaped flowers and like hostas, will continue to grow and expand each year.

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  1. AmmeMAmmieM says:

    Hostas, depending on what type you get, yes they are pricey or not so. I collect them as we have shady yard and they ranged from 4 bucks for generic to 30 bucks for a very bluish one with white flowers. There are a couple of good things about hostas. 1) they bloom in late July through early August, but they look great from early spring until the first frost. 2) they grow rapidily, meaning that in three years, they should at least triple in size. So, you can plant them sparingly and let them get really big, or in three years you can dig them up in the fall, cut them into two or three different pieces and plant them in different areas. Again, you need to look around.

    For annuals, go with impatiens, however they do require a lot of watering. There are a lot of site on google that specialize in shade loving plants by geographic region (don’t worry about zone, type in “shade loving plants” and “oregon” into the search bar and you will see tons of stuff, two are listed below.

    I had a very shady front yard in my first home and got rhodedendrums (sp) and holly bushes for shrubs and they did very well.

  2. Dowlinggram says:

    Hydrengeas like the shade with perhaps a couple of hours of sun–it may be a bit pricy because it’s a shrub but one will cover a lot of area and last for years. They have beautiful blooms

    Ferns make a nice backdrop for flowers or hostas. Mine are ones I dug up in the bush and brought home

    If you know someone with hostas ask for a piece the next time they divide one. I got a couple of mine from a friend and I’ve shared pieces often because they need to be divided every 3 years.

    Lamiun has white leaves and purple flowers in spring. Golden Creeping Jenny moneywort has really bright yellow green foliage that really pops in the shade.

    Pansies will grow in the shade. Technically they are an annual but they drop their seed and come up the next year

    Violets are a spring flowering shade plant

    A few annuals like the shade–Impatiens and begonias

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