What are good companion plants for hostas?

Question by hrothroc: What are good companion plants for hostas?
Thinking of plants that don’t get bigger than 12″-18″ tall and like part shade.

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Answer by pickmefirstplz
day lilies

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    Impatiens, lambs ear, and variegated grasses

  2. Mama Mia says:

    Just to give you some Ideas:
    The companion plants I have in my part shade areas are: hostas, Lady’s Mantle, Pansy-Viola, Bellflower-campanula, Astilbe, Beardtongue-penstemon, Bleeding heart, Foxglove and columbine.
    Those are in the same shady area under trees. Most of them are perennials, the violas come back by themselves by self seeding. I put the taller growing ones in the background.
    All the hostas are in the front,a double row, forming a long boomarang shape.

  3. Woode. says:

    In my shady,moist border there grow Hellebores,ferns,campanulas and cyclamen besides hostas.
    The ferns make an evergreen backdrop to the other plants,hellebores including the Christmas,Lent and Easter varieties give a long flowering period.Cyclamens naturalize well under everything.

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