We have a fenced in yard with a yellow lab andwe we want pretty flowers .. how can?

Question by Just Mike: We have a fenced in yard with a yellow lab andwe we want pretty flowers .. how can?
jake (our dog) likes to lay in the hosta and etc.
Other than beating the dog or electrocuting him .. but thanks for those answers?

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Answer by ozarks bum
Well, you ‘ve fenced in the yard, why not fence in the hostas and etc.? Something with pointed tops, to discourage him from jumping over it. Plus, some discipline while you introduce him to the new addition.
Otherwise, keep him on a chain that is just a bit shorter than the placement of your plants.

What do you think?

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  1. lyvax says:

    electrical fenses maybe?
    perhaps that combined with dog training.

  2. kay says:

    Of course… if you pay attention to the hosta, and he sits in the hosta, you might pay attention to him, too!

    As the person belonging to a black lab, may I suggest the book by Smith, “Dog friendly gardens, garden friendly dogs”, published about 2003. A combination of room to run, not putting the favorite plants in the favorite summer sleep spot, and training the dog that it was ok to to roll *here* but not *there* worked for us. (And if you haven’t tried clicker training, this is an excellent chance — see Karen Pryor’s Don’t Shoot The Dog — clicker training rewards behavior you want.)

    Oh, and big pots of something or other work well as dog traffic slowing devices. *Really* big pots.

  3. 2 dogs and a little crazy says:

    my sisters dog did that at my house and the plant was flat as a pancake afterwards.

    Hopefully, you can spend some time out with him everyday for a week or two and when you see him heading toward the plants, discipline. Use your voice if he listens to you.

    My new little dog of about 2 years is a stinker she walks through the landscape and mulch and sometimes poops in it. I yell at her and she just looks at me. I think I need to swat her behind to give her a hint. I am thinking maybe like a bundle of newspaper or a magazine. Someone told me to put screws in a coffee can once and shake that around when the dogs are doing something bad. It scares them.

    Good Luck.

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