Transplanting Iris bulbs to another location?

Question by Kathie C: Transplanting Iris bulbs to another location?
My Iris plants were planted too close to the Hosta plants and this summer, they ran into each other. So yesterday, fall season, I dug them up and moved them a few inches so they would not run into the hosta plants. Will this be a problem next spring, or will they be all right?

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Answer by rrrrandog
They will probably be fine. I am assuming you are talking about bearded irises, although fall is a good time to transplant other irises also. Irises are pretty tough plants. Even if you just toss the rhizome out in the yard and forget about it, they will often bloom. They just need some sun and a little summer water. Good Luck!

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  1. Rottie Mom says:

    They’ll be okay. Generally, irises need to be divided every two to three years anyway. I try to give my irises nearly a foot of space per plant.

  2. mmahavik says:

    they will be ok , incorporate phosphate to aid in root development and for flowers next year.

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